Ring in the New Year with a New You!

Take The 90-Day Life Line Challenge!

Awaken your body, find your bliss, live your passion and embrace your joy with the latest addition to our Palmistry in Action series, The 90-day Life Line Challenge!

Are you tired of waking up tired? Have you lost your zip? Do the things that once filled you with pleasure leave you feeling bored and blasé? Has your get-up-and-go got up and gone? Has your passion evaporated and the joy vanished from your life? Are you struggling just to make it through the day?

Well, struggle no more! Our new 90-Day Life Line Challenge! has been carefully crafted to re-energize your body, restore your physical and spiritual vitality, and reconnect you to the simple joy of being alive!

In developing The Life Line Challenge!, we drew upon the ancient wisdom of Vedic sages, delved into the secrets of the most advanced yogis, examined the revelations of modern physiology and utilized the power of astro-palmistry in a concentrated effort to ignite the body’s natural sense of Ananda—the combined feeling of complete physical well-being, emotional happiness and spiritual bliss.

Find joy in every breath and discover happiness in each and every day—take The 90-Day Life Line Challenge!

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