A Life-Changing Journey of Consciousness

If you desire continuous hands-on support during The Challenge, you can opt for the personalized “One-on-One” 90-Day Head Line Challenge. This “complete experience” package is the most inclusive program we have ever offered and includes private consultations and individualized readings.

A Positive Environment is Essential

Guylaine and Ghanshyam will work as a team, studying your handprints and astrological chart every week and creating a personalized weekly plan of action based on your progress and weekly reports. They will answer all of your questions and help you overcome any obstacles you are encountering in your life. This often involves studying the handprints and astrological charts of the people closest to you who have a significant impact on your environment and on your life.

Let Ghanshyam and Guylaine Take You by the Hand

Each week you will receive one hour of personalized coaching with Guylaine pertaining to that week’s Life Line Challenge lesson and video. You will also be able to meet with Ghanshyam for one hour during the program at a time of your choosing. Ghanshyam will assess your situation and your progress, and make detailed suggestions based on your particular needs and circumstances.

Throughout The One-on-One Challenge, both Ghanshyam and Guylaine will ensure you never lose your positive resolve, never become discouraged and never feel overwhelmed. They are your personal coaches and will stay in regular contact with you to make sure you are not falling behind, that all your questions are answered, and that you are getting the most from life and from The Head Line Challenge.

Change Your Life – Forever

We invite you to roll up your sleeves, embrace the truth of who you can become, and tackle the challenge of positive transformation? Apply today to this powerful and infinitely rewarding program.


Take the One-on-One Head Line Challenge and ChangeYour Life Forever – You Are Worth It!

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