The Path To Finding More Happiness & Love In Your Life…


Director Ghanshyam Singh Birla, and Vedic Palmist-Astrologer Guylaine Vallée

We’ve all, at times, felt insecurity, fear, distrust, jealousy, grief and/or isolation.

They are part of the human experience. BUT, if we stay in those feelings, we will repel the very love that we seek in our lives.

Ghanshyam shares, “as one feels so does one attract.”

And it is possible to experience deep inner contentment and unimaginable joy and triumph in your life.

In order to change yourself at the deepest level and develop the best aspects of yourself, it is necessary to be aware of any underlying subconscious issues that may be holding you back.

If we don’t examine our subconscious and align it with our conscious mind, we cannot move forward in life or find happiness.

No matter how positive our intentions or affirmations are, how deeply we wish to change or how high our hopes for happiness may be, without a thorough understanding of our deepest selves, we will inevitably be taking one step backward for every two steps forward.

To ensure truly positive results and lasting change, we must remove the negative beliefs and limiting thinking rooted in our subconscious mind. This is a difficult task to achieve on our own.


The Subconscious Mind

To understand and overcome our subconscious motivations, and to make real and lasting change in our lives, it is essential to be supported by a positive environment. In this 90-day program, we can be that environment for you, even if it is long distance.

Ghanshyam and Guylaine’s combined years of experience have taught them the importance of continual support, guidance and encouragement as one struggles to achieve change in their life.

In the One-on-One Heart Line Challenge, Ghanshyam and Guylaine team up to constantly inspire and support you at every step of the program—to ensure you never feel discouraged, overwhelmed or tempted to abandon your positive resolve.



Let Us Take You by the Hand

When you begin the One-on-One 90-Day Heart Line Challenge, Ghanshyam and Guylaine will personally assess your situation and create a personalized plan of action for you.

They will provide hours of personal coaching and stay in regular contact with you to ensure you are not falling behind, that you readily recognize the positive changes and improvements taking place in your hand, and are enjoying the growing happiness in your life.

Your coaches will make sure you are sticking to the plan and there will always be someone available from Birla Center’s team of expert astro-palmists to answer any of your questions or concerns.

You will never be alone on your heart line journey—we will always be there to help you, root for you, and do everything in our power to assure you achieve the loving, joyful transformation you are seeking.

We invite anyone who is willing to roll up their sleeves, embrace the truth of who they can become, and accept the pain of change along with the joy of positive transformation to apply to this challenging, but infinitely rewarding program.


Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity! Take the One-on-One Heart Line Challenge and change your life forever—you are worth it!


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