Happy Birthday Leos!

This is a very special time for Leos,
which includes anyone born approximately between August 15th and September 15th.

Don’t forget we are doing Vedic astrology so you might be surprised to find your sign is actually the one before it. Click here to see our Conversion chart. Knowing your Vedic Sun sign can really change your perspective and potentially make a world of difference in your life.

During this time, not only does it mean that the Sun has made its once-annual “Solar return” to the astrological position it was in at the moment of your birth, it also means you are celebrating a birthday and are about to embark on a brand-new year in your life! It is an excellent time to let the most positive aspects of your birth sign shine through.

Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac relating to love, creativity and children. It is ruled by the powerful Sun, which relates to our heart and soul. Like the lion, the symbol of this sign, Leo relates to the king whose authority is unequivocal. Wherever the masculine, yang sign of Leo is placed in our chart, we are passionate and intense. This sign indicates a sincere, honest, deeply caring and conscientious nature. We are ruled by our noble heart and, due to our authentic nature, have a strong magnetism that draws many. Leo’s keyword is “I rule”. Respect, honor and admiration is freely bestowed on this naturally dignified, magnanimous soul. Due to our outstanding example, we often find ourself in a position of leadership.

Those who share your Sun in Leo Birthday

Amy Adams, Ben Affleck, Sri Aurobindo, Beyoncé, Sergey Brin, Warren Buffet, James Cameron, Steve Carell, Coco Channel, Bill Clinton, Sean Connery, Robertson Davies, Robert De Niro, Brian De Palma, Cameron Diaz, Michel Drucker, Richard Gere, Hugh Grant, Michael Jackson, Chantal Lacroix, Anne Létourneau, René Lévesque, Madonna, Dr. Phil McGraw, Mother Teresa, Van Morrison, Sean Penn, Robert Redford, Keanu Reeves, Bernie Sanders, Claudia Schiffer, Charlie Sheen, Patrick Swayze, Shania Twain, Paul Walker, Amy Winehouse.

Let us help you make the most of the year ahead by charting your planets and examining your solar return this year. As a little birthday gift to all Leos, we are offering a 15% discount on the regular cost of a consultation between August 15th and September 15th.

Special Birthday Gift*:


  • Consultation with Denise:             $106.25   (Reg. $125)
  • Consultation with Guylaine:         $153.00    (Reg. $180)
  • Consultation with Ghanshyam:    $195.50    (Reg. $230)

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