Happy Birthday Cancers!

July 14th to August 15th

This is a special time for Cancers, which includes anyone born approximately between July 14th to August 15th


Don’t forget we are doing Vedic astrology so you might be surprised to find your sign is actually the one before it.
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Knowing your Vedic Sun sign can really change your perspective and potentially make a world of difference in your life.


During this time, not only does it mean that the Sun has made its once-annual “Solar return” to the astrological position it was in at the moment of your birth, it also means you are celebrating a birthday and are about to embark on a brand-new year in your life! It is an excellent time to let the most positive aspects of your birth sign shine through.

For Cancer, a water sign appropriately symbolized by the water-loving crab, those positive aspects include a deeply emotional and highly sensitive nature, inclined toward protecting and nurturing those they love. This aspect of the Cancer personality is magnified by the fact Cancer is ruled by the equally sensitive Moon, which can easily supercharge any emotional state.

While Cancerian energy relates to our heart and happiness as it pertains to a love of—and devotion to—our mother, home and homeland, it is important not only to take care of those near and dear to us, but to expand and dedicate our love and devotion to anyone and everyone in need of our care and support. By turning emotion to devotion, we calm our emotional turbulence and improve our own wellbeing while improving the wellbeing of all those around us.


Those who share your Sun in Cancer Birthday

Nelson Mandela, who transformed his emotional anger and rage into a devotion for peace that transformed a country and inspired the world.

Brother André, whose devotion allowed him to surmount wretched poverty, a difficult youth and go on to heal thousands of ill and incapacitated suppliants. He is now a canonized saint.

Barack Obama, who overcame racism with hope and devotion, ignited a generation and transcended centuries-old racial barriers to the first black president of the United States.

Félix Leclerc, the great Quebec singer/songwriter who poured his emotion into his art and produced music that moved the world.

Let us help you make the most of the year ahead by charting your planets and examining your solar return this year. As a little birthday gift to all Cancers, we are offering a 15% discount on the regular cost of a consultation between July 14th to August 15th.


Special Birthday Gift*:

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  • Consultation with Denise :            $109   (Rég. $129)               $163   (Reg. $192)
  • Consultation with Guylaine :         $157    (Rég. $185)              $234   (Reg. $275)
  • Consultation with Ghanshyam :   $199    (Rég. $235)              $297   (Reg. $349)

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