A Moment with Guylaine!

With the ongoing success of her heart-lifting autobiography, The Happy Palmist, everybody is asking, “What is it that makes Guylaine so darn happy?” Well, here are three great ways to discover Guylaine’s secret:

  1. Buy a copy of The Happy Palmist.
  2. Book a consultation with her.
  3. Tune into her popular weekly webisode, A Moment with Guylaine!

If you haven’t read Guylaine’s inspiring autobiography, The Happy Palmist, what are you waiting for? It is a true page-turner! And if you’ve missed her weekly webisode, A Moment with Guylaine!, don’t panic! You can find every single webisode on our YouTube Channel and catch up with the happy palmist herself. Discover how Guylaine spends her day, what’s inspiring her, what courses she’s teaching, the books she’s reading, the clients she’s meeting, her meditation routine and, of course, what the lines and signs in our hand tell us about ourselves and what the planets are up to. The webisode is fast, fun and full of surprises—how could it not be . . . after all, it’s A Moment with Guylaine!

A Moment with Guylaine! is a regular weekly feature on the Birla Center’s Facebook page every Wednesday.