Level 1 – Foundational Courses (2 Courses)

In the two courses comprising Level 1, students will learn the basics of the ancient science of Vedic Palmistry (Hast Jyotish).

P-101 Introduction to Vedic Palmistry

This is the first step toward a career in palmistry

In this course we will cover the fundamentals of palmistry, including the dominant and non-dominant hand, the mounts, the major and minor lines, the wisdom lines and the lines of obstruction. You will learn to identify the subconscious traits present in the non-dominant hand and to recognize the impact and influence they have on your life and relationships. You will also study the “seven hand types” and their meaning, as well as the importance of the thumb, fingers and fingernails.

Tuition: $ 249.00 – Course duration: 16 weeks

P-102 Adventure in Consciousness

Exploring the Astrological Zones of the Hand

A thorough knowledge of the hand’s ten mounts is essential to fully understand and properly practice Vedic Palmistry. The mounts—or parwat, meaning ‘small mountain’ in Hindi—are individual pads of flesh on the palm. The mounts are the astrological counterparts to the planetary bodies of our solar system—the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, in addition to Rahu and Ketu. The mounts relate to our innermost self—the core of our being and who we really are. This course will provide an overview of the mounts in relation to the philosophy of Hast Jyotish. You will learn about the spiritual anatomy of consciousness as it is expressed through the development of the mounts by studying skin texture, color, consistency, papillary formation and the activity of lines and signs.

Tuition: $ 249.00 – Course duration: 16 weeks