Sun in Pisces: On the Path to Enlightenment
(March 13 to April 13)


The Sun moves into the sign Pisces on March 13th and stays until April 13th. (See our conversion chart below.) This is a very special time of year for all Pisceans, but we must remember, each and every one of us has the 12 astrological signs in our astrological chart, which means we all have Pisces in one of our houses. And whichever house Pisces resides in within your chart is the area of your life where the effects of the Sun in Pisces have the most impact.

Pisces is the natural ruler of the twelfth house, and deals with voluntary or involuntary “letting go” and surrender leading to enlightenment and liberation. Pisces relates to the qualities of selfless service and charity.

The lesson of Pisces involves learning how to deal with pain relating to loss, which is inevitable in all our lives. However, the degree of our emotional suffering will depend on our ability to transmute our pain into compassion and the joy of service to others.

Pisces can teach us the importance of solitude and reflection opposed to feeling lonely and forsaken. It’s a matter of perspective. The great Swiss psychiatrist, Dr. C.G. Jung once wrote, “that which we do not face in the unconscious, we will live as fate”. One of the goals of psychotherapy, meditation, palmistry and astrology is to make our subconscious conscious, liberating us from any negative emotions and memories that keep us feeling imprisoned. Pisces is all about healing, love and spiritual renewal.

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The Dynamic Transit of Mars in Aries: February 3-March 20


The warrior planet Mars marched out of the sign of Pisces February 3rd and entered its home sign of Aries, which it rules and where its dynamic energy is very powerful.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and is known as the great initiator of projects, schemes and dreams. In Aries, our energy is young and boundless, our spirits are high, and our optimism is at full-throttle—a driving combination that emboldens us to tackle any new task, no matter how demanding, and to get things going. It is Aries that gives us the impulse and motivation to take that first step in a journey of 1,000 miles, to type the first word of a novel, or to lay the foundational brick of a skyscraper.

Mars in Aries infuses us with courage, stamina and vigor, making this time a truly extraordinary transit for any new undertaking. No need to pause and sweat over the details of how things will turn out in the long run, just grab the ball and start running toward the end zone. This is a transit of action and beginnings; if you don’t get started, you won’t have any details to worry about anyway.

The main cautionary note concerning Mars in Aries is that both the planet Mars and the sign Aries possess an aggressive nature; the combination of their forceful energies can make us ultra-competitive or even downright combative. This may manifest in our behavior as arrogance, petulance, an impatient or dismissive attitude toward companions, coworkers and competitors or as angry intolerance with anyone we perceive to be standing between us and our goal. The key to productively channeling this intense energy is through self-control and self-awareness . . . and the greatest tool available to humankind for developing these traits is daily meditation. Fortunately, this transit is a doubly auspicious time to develop a regular meditation practice—not only will Mars in Aries give us the initiative to begin meditating, but by meditating we will be able to make the most of everything a Mars-Aries transit has to offer. It’s a win-win scenario!

This transit will last only six weeks, but in those six weeks we can make a start at transforming ourselves and start a new chapter in our lives. So let’s make the most of it by taking on a project or cause that has been sitting on the back burner, be it a proper diet or exercise routine, a spiritual discipline, a job search, volunteering in the community or mentoring someone in need of help and guidance. Even if it is just making a phone call you have been putting off—now is the time to do it! Stop waiting and start acting, the force of Mars in Aries is with you!

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An Important Transit: Jupiter in Scorpio
(October 4th, 2018 to October 29th, 2019)

If life seems a little more promising lately, thank Jupiter!

On October 4th Jupiter entered the sign of Scorpio, which is ruled by Jupiter’s very good friend, the planet Mars—a friendship that makes for an extremely auspicious planetary combination. In Mars-ruled Scorpio, Jupiter feels right at home, providing it with a sense of comfort and security that allows its many positive (and powerful) qualities to shine forth and brighten our lives.

The ancients referred to Jupiter as Guru, which means “the dispeller of darkness”. Jupiter’s cosmic role is to remove blinders from our eyes, show us our true purpose in life and expand our consciousness. These abilities place Jupiter in perfect sync with Scorpio, a sign related to the 8th house—the house of uncovering truth, solving perplexing mysteries and discovering hidden treasures. Not only does Jupiter become a truly benefic planet when in Scorpio, because it is under the direct influence of Mars (the planet of courage, willpower and forward momentum), Jupiter now has the energy and fearlessness to express its broad vision and idealism without restraint. And all this wonderful energy will be radiating around us until next fall, when Jupiter leaves Scorpio on October, 29th, 2019.

This is a very welcome change of pace because for much of the past year (since September, 2017), Jupiter was transiting through the sign of Libra, which is ruled by Jupiter’s arch rival—the planet Venus. Venus is much more focused on striving for harmony than on the Jovian qualities of self-awareness, spiritual growth and discovering purpose, which is why Jupiter could not fully express itself while in Libra. But thankfully, the shackles have been released and all of us can experience the benefic energy of Jupiter unleashed.

So, take advantage of the intense passion and emotion of Scorpio during this auspicious transit to unearth your hidden strengths and talents, and to find your purpose in life. For the next year the world (and your destiny) are yours to discover!

If you would like to learn more about Jupiter in Scorpio, how you can take advantage of this transit’s positive energy and how it is affecting your individual astrological chart, please call us to book a private consultation, either in person, by phone or via Zoom. We’ll explain how you can make the most of this incredible cosmic event over the next year!

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