Sun in Leo:
Getting in Touch with your Authentic Self

On August 15th, the Sun moves from the deeply sensitive and emotional water sign of Cancer to the warm, action-oriented fiery sign of Leo, ruled by the Sun. Symbolized by the lion with its loud roar and long mane, the Sun in Leo gives a stately, dignified air of royalty. We may be driven by the desire to be loved and admired as the sun passes through the magnanimous sign of Leo, King of the Zodiac, ruled by the most powerful planet in our solar system, the Sun.

Remember, everyone’s astrological chart contains all 12 zodiac signs, so no matter when you were born, you will bask in “the Lion’s” energy this month while the Sun passes through one of your houses travelling from Cancer to Leo. This is especially true if, like Robert Redford or Mother Teresa, your Sun is in Leo, or like Jeff Bridges, your rising sign is Leo, or, like Paramahansa Yogananda, your Moon is in Leo.

We may find ourselves enjoying center stage or entertaining others. The sun gives us light and life. We depend on the sun for energy. Sun is the most powerful planet in our solar system. Due to this power he is considered as King or Father of our solar system. The sun is related to the Atma, our true soul self.

This month, from August 15 to September 15, we can take advantage of this time to develop a magnanimous heart, and know and express our most authentic self. Peeling away the layers of the onion to meet our genuine soul self, results in a great charisma like the gravitational pull of the sun itself being the center of the solar system with all the planets revolving around it. This is a time to conquer all the meannesses of the heart and replace it with the pure heart and power of love.

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Another Important Transit:
Mars Conjunct Ketu


Many view Mars (the Warrior God) as a potentially disruptive force that signifies violence, anger and weaponry. But this a very incomplete portrait of the red planet. Mars can be a powerfully positive influence in our lives. Mars energy not only propels us through life and allows us to get things done, it provides us the strength, courage, and nobility to stand up for the rights of others, especially the oppressed and persecuted. We should never complain about having a strong Mars in our chart or in our hand!

The really great news is that we can all benefit from Mars energy right now. Mars is currently in its most powerful placement, exalted in the sign of Capricorn. In this position, Mars energy can give us the vision, strategic thinking, drive, passion and ambition to overcome even the most difficult obstacles and reach great heights of success.

There is a catch
At the moment, Mars is facing off with Ketu, the interiorized shadow planet representing the effects of our past karma, embodied in the maxim: “What we sow, so shall we reap.”

So, while Mars is presently pushing us into action and driving us to succeed, Ketu is forcing us to reflect upon our karma, to ponder on how our past has resulted in who we are today, which will inevitably bring up lingering, deep-rooted (often unconscious) issues that must be dealt with in order for us to heal and move forward.

Use Wisdom and Discernment
This is a delicate planetary tug of war that requires us to channel Mars’ powerful kinetic energy with wisdom and discernment to ensure we end up happy, not boiling over in anger, or stewing in regret over unresolved karma.

Luckily, we have time to learn how best to manage the intense force of Ketu and Mars combined. Even as Mars moves away from Ketu, it will remain in Capricorn for six months, from May 3rd to November 7th. If we are wise, we will use this opportunity to deal with any hidden matters that rise to the surface by identifying specific problems (in our government, in world affairs or in our own lives) and finding ways to fix them.