Please find below our fee schedule as of January 15, 2020:


In person consultation services are temporarily suspended during the evolving situation with COVID-19. However, we will apply the 10% discount we normally offer to all our guests staying with us toward our online consultation services.


- with staff:                                         $129/hr                $192/90 min.
- with Guylaine:                                 $185/hr                $275/90 min.
- with Ghanshyam:                           $235/hr                $349/90 min.

60-minute massage:                         $119
90-minute massage:                         $159
120-minute massage:                       $199
180-minute massage:                       $279

Additional Services
Shirodhara (30 minutes):                  $59
Sauna (30 minutes):                           $40


Guests renting accommodations at our Chénéville Wellness Center will continue to benefit from a 10% discount on all the services taken during their stay.

We look forward to continue serving you through the coming year and thank you for your continued support and patronage.