From the Case Files: Flipping the Switch

Michael’s life was a mess. At 30, he was a chain smoking high school dropout in a dead-end job, 70-pounds overweight, crippled by self-loathing and low-self esteem and using drugs and alcohol to numb his pain.

“Michael, why have you come to see me?” I asked, troubled by his heavy aura of despair.

“I’ve got nothing in my life . . . look at me, I’m a fat loser—I hate myself, life isn’t worth living.”

“Michael, every life has worth; it’s how we live that makes our life worthwhile.”

case-files-flipping-switch-printMichael’s handprints reflected his many troubles—but great potential as well. A beautiful magnetic cross on his mount of Jupiter indicated a deeply sensitive nature, a great potential for spirituality, a yearning to find a purpose in life and a strong desire for a loving relationship. Unfortunately, he was cut off from his Jupiter cross by a downward curving heart line, which was blocking him from loving others, loving himself and from loving life. His descending heart line told me he’d switched himself off emotionally and spiritually. Making matters worse, the downward heart line was disrupting his quadrangle, the space between the heart and head lines known as “the landing strip of the angels” that is a psychic energy zone directly linked to our chakras. When the quadrangle is balanced, our heart is open to the wisdom of spiritual teachers, learning important life lessons, interpreting visionary dreams and receiving heavenly blessings. Michael’s quadrangle was out of balance. His heart line was also marked with many lines of interference.

“These interference lines indicate emotional trauma at an early age, what can you tell me about that?” Michael confided that his father had been a demanding, authoritarian alcoholic who belittled him throughout his childhood. His father’s abusiveness led to his parents divorcing when he was barely into his teens. Michael hated his dad, blaming him for denying him love as a child and for the way his own life had turned out.

“Michael, you cannot blame your father for life . . . it was your choice to drop out of school and poison your body with toxins. Filling your heart with hatred stops you from loving anyone else—not even yourself. You have switched off your heart and can’t access the many wonderful things I see in your hand.”

I gave Michael several yoga and breathing exercises to practice, encouraging him to meditate every day. I also suggested he call his father.

“Be a caring son—let go of bitterness, judgement and resentment. Talk to him with unconditional love.”

Happily, Michael took my advice; a year later I barely recognized him. His eyes were bright and focused, he’d lost more than 50 pounds, had quit smoking, drinking and drugs and had enrolled in night school to “find his purpose”. His ongoing conversations with his dad had inspired his father to quit drinking and his parents were talking again after years of estrangement.

Michael’s interference lines were disappearing and his heart line was beginning to curve upward toward his Jupiter cross, mending his quadrangle. He had flipped the switch and opened his heart.

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The Eclipse Cycle: August 18th – September 1st

Beware the Shadow

August 18th marks the beginning of a difficult but potentially rewarding eclipse cycle that commences with a full-Moon lunar eclipse in the early morning and stretches over the next two weeks to the new-Moon solar eclipse on September 1st.

This is a period of shadow and light that will test our perception of reality, make us face hard truths about ourselves, and, if we remain calm, receptive and are willing to learn—can lead us out of darkness toward illumination and a prosperous fresh start.

In Vedic culture and astrology, eclipses are all about the immense energy and influence of the Shadow planets Rahu and Ketu—referred to respectively as the Moon’s North and South Nodes. Rahu and Ketu are not actual cosmic bodies, but points of intersection where the Moon’s path crosses the ecliptic—that is, where the Moon is in alignment with the Sun and Earth.

During a solar eclipse, Rahu—known as the “Dragon’s head”—symbolically swallows the light of the Sun and prevents it from reaching us. During a lunar eclipse, Ketu—the “Dragon’s tail”—blots out the light of the Moon.

This bestows Rahu and Ketu with the power to darken the three most important influences in our lives—the two cosmic luminaries of Sun, representing our soul, and Moon, representing our mind; and the Earth, representing our body. So the Shadow planets have great sway in influencing our destiny and, during eclipses, have the ability to create both chaos and spiritual growth within our lives and in the world.

Eclipses can trigger major events on a global and individual scale. The Nodes are famous for planting obstacles along our life path and forcing us to stop and question why we are doing the things we do, why we attach value to the things we love and cling to, and the true motivations behind our every deed, thought and action. In this way they spur us toward illumination, giving us the opportunity to gain self-knowledge, burn off accumulated karma, and make a fresh start on a firmer, more enlightened spiritual footing.

The Nodes can awaken us to the harsh reality that things we have been pursuing and struggling to achieve have not brought us the happiness we had longed for. This disheartening realization could propel us in the opposite direction of enlightenment, leaving us feeling angry, sad or despondent.

So, it is important for us to appreciate and master this ecliptic dance between the Nodes and the luminaries to free ourselves of any misconceptions and move forward with a renewed sense of truth, self-awareness, faith and optimism. Rahu and Ketu represent re-birth, transformation and regeneration—out of the darkness comes new insight and understanding.

The full-moon lunar eclipse on August 18th will be at its maximum at 5:42 a.m. EDT. The new-Moon solar eclipse on September 1st reaches its maximum at 5:01 a.m. It is extremely important during these periods, as well as the days in between and the weeks immediately following, to remain centered, calm and mindful of our thoughts and words, to be of service to others and to practice devotional activities such as yoga, prayer and meditation. Chanting a mantra, such as the Gayatri Mantra or the Shiva Mantra, is also very beneficial. By taking care of ourselves and others, we can draw on the power of this ecliptic period to reshape our lives in a brilliantly positive light, and avoid being caught up in any negativity.

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The Day from Hell: Ambushed by The 29th Degree

There was an urgent message on the office answering machine the morning of July 25th.

“Guylaine, it’s Marc. I am having the day from hell—I am coming to see you, it’s an emergency!”

Marc, a long-time client who is usually sweet-tempered and calm, was soon banging on my door.

“What’s going on with you Marc?” I asked.

“It started yesterday, Guylaine. I’d been edgy all afternoon and when my wife and I went out to dinner with friends I inexplicitly ordered two bottles of wine for myself and a second meal. I ate and drank until I felt sick, then I insulted the waiter and was rude to my wife and friends for no reason at all. I woke up this morning feeling anxious and emotionally drained—I snapped at my wife again, cut off other motorists while driving to work and almost quit my job just because my boss didn’t say “good morning” to me. Why I’m behaving like a crazy man?”

“Don’t worry Marc, you’re not crazy,” I said. “Mercury is in the 29th degree of Cancer and its taking a toll on all of us in different ways. This transit’s intense nervous energy can make us lash out illogically over trivial things and push us to overindulge and neglect our health. Read the article The Storm Before the Calm:  Monday’s 29th Degree of Mercury in Cancer and you’ll understand what’s happening to you. And don’t worry, Mercury enters Leo tomorrow and will bring a lot of positive, creative energy with it. It will be a great time for you to find inspiration and make a fresh start . . . and to apologize to your wife.”

Marc called a few days later and said he was quitting drinking, beginning a fitness routine and making it a point to be nicer to everyone—especially his wife.

“I’m taking advantage of Mercury in Leo. Thanks for telling me about the article about the 29th degree, Guylaine—it was an eye-opener!”

We should all heed the maxim: As above, so below. What happens in our stars echoes in our lives; it’s wise to know what’s going on in the Cosmos so we aren’t caught by surprise.

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Conflict and Crisis: The Continuing Challenges of the Mars-Saturn Conjunction

It has been a turbulent and stressful month. Violence, bloodshed and the politics of fear and division have erupted across the globe. We’ve witnessed the horrific terrorist attacks in Nice, Munich and Normandy; a bloody escalation in the Syrian civil war; a deadly attempted coup in Turkey; rising racial tension and mass shootings in Texas and Louisiana; millions of Britons exiting the EU to stop job-seeking refugees in Eastern European from entering England, and right-wing politicians, such as France’s Marine Maréchal-Le Pen and U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump, publicly decrying entire ethnic groups—promising to banish some and build walls to keep others out.

There is an unsettling surge in conflict and crisis from Baton Rouge to Istanbul. Are these seemingly isolated events related? Might that relationship have something to do with our planets? The answer is yes, on both counts.

As it happens, Saturn and Mars—both malefic planets—are in conjunction, meaning they have drawn close enough to each other for their energies to interact. And when two malefic planets with opposite natures conjunct, the interaction can be explosive—they can’t see each other’s point of view and find it extremely difficult to compromise. Mars is action and Saturn is reflection; when they work in tandem they can be a dynamic and highly productive duo . . . but not when they are facing off in Scorpio, as they are right now.

Scorpio is Mars’s home sign, a home in which it is truly formidable, fueled by powerful emotions, churning desire and a strength of will capable of accomplishing practically anything. But while conjunct Saturn in Scorpio, Mars is a rogue player, unguided by Saturn’s sagacity and discipline. Saturn is unhappy and surly in Scorpio. While the positive aspects of Saturn provide us with the wisdom to overcome and evolve through challenge, it is a malefic planet and can be individualistic, calculating and cold. Saturn becomes impatient and intolerant in Scorpio and uses its wisdom in a shrewd, manipulative manner to ensure it comes out on top in any situation. It is driven by an intense emotional energy stemming from deeply buried feelings; when hurt, it will strike back ruthlessly and without mercy, seeking vengeance at any cost.

This galactic clash between action and reason—between Mars, the god of war, and Saturn, with its uncompromising and ultra-personal views—can spell disaster. With no common middle ground, it is very hard for them—or humankind under their influence—to discuss the issues that divide us, be they human rights, inequality, poverty or religion. The Mars-Saturn conjunction both highlights and aggravates these divides: instead of peace talks, there is terrorism; instead of dialogue, there are drone strikes, instead of neighborly conversation, we build walls.

Mars and Saturn began their long conjunction in February in the sign of Scorpio; they have been drawing nearer to each other ever since. They will be at their closest—at 17 degrees Scorpio—on August 24th and remain close until September 2nd.  During this period, we must avoid interiorizing the bitterness this conjunction can generate; we must be tolerant and carefully reflect upon the consequences of our actions, whether on the world stage or in our personal lives.  The universal principle ‘as above so below’ is a reminder that whatever is happening in the world is also happening inside of us.

This is a stressful and challenging time for all of us. If you would like professional guidance to maintain your balance and make the most of the Mars-Saturn conjunction, we’re here to help.


Cosmic Secrets of The Rich and Famous: The Venus-Rahu Conjunction, August 14th-18th

No combination of planets guarantees fame and fortune, but a positive Venus-Rahu conjunction sure can help. So listen up, there is one right around the corner!

The Venus-Rahu conjunction has always been considered a sign of tremendous wealth, and not just the private yacht and country club kind of wealth.

Howard Hughes, Steve Jobs and Oprah Winfrey are three very different people with three striking things in common—they all became wildly rich and successful, all three were generous philanthropists and they were all born with Venus-Rahu conjunct in their natal charts. But it wasn’t fate that propelled them to wealth or drew wealth to them—their millions were earned, and their names will be remembered, because they made the most of the attributes, talents and inclinations bestowed upon them by a fortunate Venus-Rahu conjunction.

So just what are these attributes, talents and inclinations?

To begin with, Venus desires comfort, pleasure and beauty, and possess a passionate desire to reach the top. Rahu, the planet of amplification, provides Venus the insightfulness to plan stratagems to achieve those goals and the courage to carry them out. Secondly, Venus—in its ideal form—represents unconditional love and empathy—so it is predisposed to share its wealth with those in need. Rahu motivates Venus to liberally and effectively use its bounty and wisdom for the betterment of humankind. This is why Venus-Rahu combination can be so successful and accomplish so much.

The astuteness and drive of Hughes, Jobs and Winfrey gave them fabulous wealth and luxurious life styles, but also allowed them to create charitable organizations that have helped and inspired millions.

So let’s take full advantage of the current Venus-Rahu energy between the 14th and 18th of August by striving to fulfill impossible dreams and achieving enormous success that we can share with everyone.

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Making The Most of Your Head Line: Long Line vs. Short Line

President Barack Obama has made his fair share of international headlines, which isn’t surprising given the long head line gracing his palm. A long head line reveals a mind with an expansive world view, open to new ideas and capable of weighing all options before taking action to achieve far-reaching, long-term results—it is the line of a visionary well-suited to play an effective role on the world stage.

In contrast, the head line of Roy Obama, the president’s half-brother, is short and truncated, ending in the center of his palm. A short head line suggest a pragmatic mind preoccupied with immediate material needs, a focus on the personal concerns of daily life and maintaining the status quo—not a visionary.

The amazing thing is that each of us can broaden our horizons by lengthening our head line. I’ve seen this happen with countless clients. A perfect example is Des, whom I met when I was just starting my career as a professional palmist and he was preparing to retire from a tedious sales job after 40 boring years.

I convinced Des to let me take his handprints when he dropped by my office to pick up his friend, a colleague of mine. At first I was surprised by his very short headline; I knew Des had been very creative, broadminded and adventurous in his youth. He’d travelled through India in his teens, played saxophone in a jazz band and longed to expand his mind at university. But I learned that after serving in WWll, he’d fallen in love, married and had children. Circumstances forced him to narrow his focus and become pragmatic; he put away his travelling shoes, forgot about university, hung up his sax and took the first job he was offered in order to support his family. Forty years of daily office drudgery dulled his keen mind and dampened his creative spirit, which was evident in his short head line.



However, in retirement, Des took up gardening, enrolled in gourmet cooking classes, began studying French and became more active in the community. He opened himself up to new ideas and broadened his horizons, and the change was reflected in his palm. The second time I took his handprints—a few years after our first meeting—I was delighted to see that his head line had grown much longer, and he was much happier.

Des lived well into his 90s and enjoyed his later years immensely—he took pleasure in all life had to offer and inspired many others to do the same, including me.

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Meet Guylaine Vallée: The Happy Palmist at PranaShanti Yoga Center

My Joyful Adventure in Vedic Palmistry

What drives a small-town girl from Quebec to go to India where she will have the privilege to read the hands of one of world’s greatest humanitarians, Mother Teresa?

The autobiography of Guylaine Vallée, The Happy Palmist, charts her tumultuous journey from unhappy teen who, through willpower and courage, became consultant to the stars.
From meeting motivational best-selling author Wayne Dyer, to reading the palm of celebrities such as Ricky Martin, Gino Vannelli, Marina Orsini and Mitsou, to shedding light on the lives of her clients and helping them to achieve their dreams, Guylaine’s journey is more than inspiring!

New York Times best-selling author Steve Erwin (Left to Tell) helped Guylaine craft her story, drawing out the rich details of heartache and elation that fill this chronicle of loneliness, hope and

Come and listen to Guylaine share her story. There will be a book signing after the lecture.

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Meet Guylaine Vallée: The Happy Palmist at Singing Pebble

My Joyful Adventure in Vedic Palmistry

What drives a small-town girl from Quebec to go to India where she will have the privilege to read the hands of one of world’s greatest humanitarians, Mother Teresa?

The autobiography of Guylaine Vallée, The Happy Palmist, charts her tumultuous journey from unhappy teen who, through willpower and courage, became consultant to the stars.
From meeting motivational best-selling author Wayne Dyer, to reading the palm of celebrities such as Ricky Martin, Gino Vannelli, Marina Orsini and Mitsou, to shedding light on the lives of her clients and helping them to achieve their dreams, Guylaine’s journey is more than inspiring!

New York Times best-selling author Steve Erwin (Left to Tell) helped Guylaine craft her story, drawing out the rich details of heartache and elation that fill this chronicle of loneliness, hope and

Come and listen to Guylaine share her story. There will be a book signing after the lecture.

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A Celestial New Year: Jupiter in Virgo

This week marks the beginning of a major celestial transition: Jupiter—which has been in the sign of Leo for the past year—is moving into Virgo, where it will remain for the next twelve months. Astrologically, this is a big deal: Benevolent Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system and has a powerful influence on human behavior and earthly affairs. Ancient astrologers revered Jupiter and referred to it as Guru, the dispeller of darkness. Guru is an apt moniker for a planet that is associated with the most enlightened aspects of our being—an open and flexible mind; a peaceful and inclusive world view; a proclivity towards tolerance and compassion; the drive to find a purpose in life; self-confidence; magnanimity and the urge to expand one’s consciousness through philosophy, faith and devotion.

These lofty Jovian attributes were well nurtured during Jupiter’s year-long sojourn in Leo. Leo, the regal and courageous lion, is ruled by the Sun and is in perfect attunement with Jupiter’s noble disposition. Jupiter and Leo’s relationship is extremely harmonious and Leo provided the ideal environment to accommodate, support and enhance Jupiter’s expansive nature.

Virgo, however, is detail-oriented and meticulously focused on the minutia of current events and personal relationships. Virgo is happily ruled by Mercury, where its insights can be astute, precise and perceptive, but Jupiter is not so happy to be in Virgo.

Jupiter is in its detriment in the sign of Virgo, meaning it is in direct opposition to Pisces, which it rules and where it feels comfortably at home. This weakens Jupiter’s strengths, curtailing its expansive view and making it susceptible to Virgo’s negative aspects and intense attention to detail. For Jupiter, entering Virgo from Leo is like a dolphin leaping from an ocean into a goldfish bowl—and the impact can create a ripple effect across our own planet. Jupiter’s narrowing perspective is capable of limiting our own vision of the world and the people around us. We may start to second-guess everything we believe to be true, undermining our self-confidence, making us overly critical, self-righteous and easily drawn into petty arguments or bitter disputes. It is a major challenge for planets in detriment to maintain spiritual equilibrium and inner peace; the 180-degree aspect requires us to balance the negative qualities and weaknesses of the detriment by embracing the strengths and positive qualities that are their polar opposite.

Jupiter officially enters Virgo on Thursday, August 4th, before then it will be travelling through the final degrees of Leo—including the critical 29th degree, where it will be briefly suspended between Leo and Virgo, drawn toward both of them simultaneously. During this transitional tug-of-war, we may feel as though we are being yanked in opposite directions as well. This friction between dueling signs of the zodiac can create a great deal of inner-tension, emotional turmoil, confusion and frayed nerves—so it is advisable to remain as calm and collected as possible over the next few days; avoid doing or saying anything you might regret later.

As of Thursday, we’ll all have to adjust to the new cycle of Jupiter-in-Virgo energy, which will be with us until Jupiter leaves Virgo next summer. So, for the next year, we must make an effort to minimize the negative influences of Jupiter-in-Virgo by embracing the best characteristics of Jupiter—and those of the gentle, Jupiter-ruled Pisces. Strive to remain open-minded; avoid getting bogged down in details; avoid senseless arguments; be more tolerant of others; practice kindness and generosity; be curious about the world around you and meditate as often as possible to center your energy.

This is especially important for those with Jupiter-in-Virgo in their birth chart—these people are experiencing a Jupiter return, which occurs approximately once ever twelve years. A Jupiter return will be a period in which you are more keenly aware of what you have not achieved instead of what you have accomplished. So don’t be too critical with yourself. Stay positive, focus on your achievements, connect to your intuition and spiritual self, and most importantly, be grateful for all you have. Gratitude forges a coherence between heart and mind—a sure route to happiness and a well of inner strength we can draw from in the months ahead.

We must remember that there is plenty to look forward to in the coming year. When a planet moves into a new sign of the zodiac we are presented with the opportunity to begin a new chapter in our life, a chapter filled with new possibilities, challenges and lessons to be learned. Best of all, because astrology and palmistry are sister sciences, we can witness all the positive changes taking place in our lives in the palm of our hand!

So take advantage of this Jupiter transition to dispel the darkness, learn new life-skills and stretch your personal horizons! Enjoy the new year!

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Marcus: Broken Girdle of Venus, Broken Dreams

Marcus was a talented young animator from a small Canadian town who, despite his inherent shyness, applied for a job at a major Hollywood film studio. While riding the bus to the interview, a female passenger became trapped in the vehicle’s rear doors when they shut on her foot. Marcus felt her pain as acutely as if it were his own; he rushed to help the woman but he was overwhelmed with emotion and fainted before reaching her. When he opened his eyes he was laying next to her on the street as paramedics treated both of them. Marcus missed the interview and didn’t get the job. The next day he booked a consultation with me.

“Ghanshyam, I’ve been like this all my life,” he said, holding his trembling hand out for me to study. “Ever since I was a kid, people’s emotions have washed over me like a tidal wave—I feel like I’m constantly drowning. I’m 28 and have never kissed a girl. I can’t even show up for a job interview without passing out. I have my art, but I do that in my room, alone. Please help me—this loneliness is killing me.”

Examining his hand, I saw that Marcus had a fragmented Girdle of Venus, which I suspected was a major contributor to his troubles.

marcus-broken-girdle-venus-broken-dreamsThe Girdle of Venus has been described as a divine smile permanently stamped on our hearts as an inspiration to others. Ideally, it forms a gentle arc in the upper region of the palm linking Jupiter, Saturn, Sun and Mercury, the four mounts housing our highest forms of energy. The Girdle’s close proximity to the heart line reflects a deep capacity for empathy and an intimate connection with the spiritual realm. It also reveals a powerful creative energy that compels us to express the beauty and love within our soul. Many artists, humanitarians and those devoted to serving God possess a Girdle of Venus.

Unfortunately, a perfectly formed Girdle of Venus is rare; it is much more common to find a fragmented Girdle, like Marcus’s. A broken Girdle of Venus reflects pent-up passion and blocked creativity. In Marcus’s case, the broken Girdle of Venus, exacerbated by an underdeveloped Mars, denoting a depletion of energy, can result in feelings of insecurity, over-sensitivity, moodiness, frustration and erratic or self-destructive behaviour.

Marcus’s emotional sensitivity was crippling him socially and professionally; he was in danger of losing his ability to function in society, as his ill-fated bus ride painfully illustrated. I suggested he begin a daily meditation routine to center his energy, and taught him breathing exercises to keep his emotions in check. I also encouraged him to be less self-absorbed by being of service in his community, and to surround himself with caring people who would support his efforts to interact in the world in a helpful and healthy manner.

Marcus made steady improvement and, over the course of a year, his Girdle began to mend. Sadly, we fell out of touch when he moved to another town. I pray that wherever he is today, Marcus has a smiling Girdle of Venus in his palm, and a smile of happiness on his face.

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